Sustainability/Green Statement

Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing & Sustainable Forestry Practices

By choosing Beasley Flooring Products, you are making a ecologically sounds decision for both your home and our environment. Beasley holds a deep commitment to environmentally responsible manufacturing and sustainable forestry practices. All of us at Beasley are extremely dedicated to the Georgia Sustainable Forestry Initiative as well as the guidelines set in place by the U.S. Forestry Commission.

Beasley’s careful husbandry of timber resources helps to ensure the viability of our woodlands, while maintaining the uninterrupted supply of the highest quality lumber. Additionally, Beasley’s state of the art drying and manufacturing facilities are designed to utilize 100% of the raw lumber we process.

Our automated manufacturing equipment helps maximize our yield of high quality products, and the wood waste is used to fire the boiler which provides steam for our lumber drying kilns. Any additional waste is ground into wood flour by our sister company, Wood Fiber Technologies, for further processing into items such as composite lumber products. Furthermore, our factory finished production line uses 100% solids stain and coatings whenever possible in an effort to reduce the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). We are incredibly proud to take all these steps to minimize our negative impact on our environment. After all, the natural beauty of our woodlands is on display in everything we make.