Turnkey Flooring Solutions

In addition to offering branded and private label turnkey flooring solutions, Beasley Flooring Products offers full service packages that utilize specific capabilities of our manufacturing processes.

  • Contract Finishing – We have the ability to sand and finish customer’s flooring materials according to their needs for stain color and in several different types of finish settings.  This contract finishing can also extend to distressing/scraping the flooring.  This can be performed on a variety of thicknesses and types of wood flooring, including solid and engineered products.  The flooring needs to be panelized to feed into our line, but for a modest fee we can perform this service for the customer as well.
  • Milling – We can mill products to industry standards.  Most of our milling profiles would be similar to or match those found with NOFMA/NWFA.  It is possible to order inserts/tooling to mill flooring according to a customer’s standards if they are different. 
  • Dimensional Lumber – We inspect and tally lumber according to NHLA standards. We have available random width high grade lumber (FAS/IF) or, mill run ripped blanks. We kiln dry almost all the lumber we use in our mill. 
  • Marketing/Private Label – We are experienced in private label products, having done this service for numerous customers.  We can put the flooring in your own customized box, or we can supply plain white or brown boxes. The grades of flooring can be tailored to fit the customer’s needs. The finish and color can be made to match existing products or we can work together to create new products for you.
  • Distressing Services – We can distress/scrape wood flooring according to the customer’s needs in a variety of ways, including channel type scrapes, various added characters, two pass coatings for different aged looks, sawn face in both linear and circle sawn looks and wire brushing. 
  • Logistics – We are very capable at securing shipments for your orders. Need it to arrive by a certain date? Consider it done and don’t think twice. Our internal logistics department is exceptional when it comes to coordination and shipment management. Additionally, we have excellent discounts through common carrier companies, locally, nationally, and internationally. These discounts that we have in place can be used by your company to save even more money. With Beasley, it’s as simple as placing and order and letting us know when you need it by.