Quality Control

Quality is Right Behind Safety

The belief here at Beasley Flooring Products is Quality right behind Safety.  Beasley’s team of detail oriented Quality Control personnel ensure smooth and efficient quality in our operations. The Quality Control processes at Beasley are closely monitored, strictly enforced and focus heavily on the inspection, testing and measurement of materials.  Quality is integral from the start to the final customer.  We believe that you should do your best at each step along the manufacturing process to hand off the highest quality product from each position to the next, as if the person on the next position on the production line is your customer, until the product does go out the door to the final customer.  The quality of the product made at each work cell must be high or we stop production and resolve the issue. 

The quality idea goes from the start of our operation when the lumber is brought in.We take immediate steps upon receiving the lumber to make sure it remains bright, is dried efficiently to best moisture content levels for interior use and is graded correctly for delivering the best quality material to the lumber rip saw line.The lumber rip line then checks to maintain correct widths of lumber rips for optimum use in the flooring mill.The lumber rip line also has an in-line moisture meter that checks every piece of lumber to be sure it is within correct moisture content tolerances for interior use products.The flooring mill has a quality control team in place that constantly checks the flooring for grade, milling and moisture content to be sure it is handed off to the finish line in optimal condition.The finish line has a second quality control team that checks these same specifications as well as checking the finish, final grade of flooring in the box, and the condition of the packaging.The finished flooring is then sent to a climate controlled warehouse to protect the flooring and insure it stays ready for interior use, and a final quality inspection is done before it is loaded on the trucks for shipment.This allows Beasley to provide such high-quality products that meet or exceed specifications.Also, we have flexibility through training to rapidly adjust specifications to meet a customer’s needs for different grades, colors and for different finish builds all while meeting their quality requirements.